GIL B's pizza and sandwich shoppe

Customer Comments
"Myself and six of my friends rode our motorcycles to Lanesboro MN from Chicago IL . A few of us have been to Lanesboro before and ate at a couple of the other restaurants in town before but none of us ate at GIL B's pizza & sandwich shoppe.  We thought we would give it a try. WOW we all are glad we did. It is a similar setup to a Subway but with way better food. All six of us had our sandwiches in hand and were sitting at a nice clean booth eating within 10 minutes of ordering. Their wraps are fresh along with all the condiments and meats. If you try this restaurant the next time you are in Lanesboro MN try a wrap with the southwestern sauce. The sauce is unbelievable. And don't forget about the cookies. “YUMMY”
We all couldn’t stop talking about the food for the entire trip home. The first thing I mention to people when asked how my trip was, I start the conversation off with “we had these incredible Sandwiches and wraps at GIL B's pizza & sandwich shoppe
in Lanesboro MN”. I can't wait to go back to try their pizza.  It looked and smelled great, and I come from a town known for their Pizza."

"We enjoyed the new booths and the re-decorating. We had onion rings and pizza. They had a lot of crust on the pizza that was my kids' favorite part. The service is fast and the atmosphere was very welcoming."

"We ordered an XL supreme pizza and shared it among friends. The best pizza I have had in a very long time!!"
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